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Guitar Manufacturers

Taylor Guitars www.taylorguitars.com

Obviously MY favorite guitar at this time, since it's what I own, and I don't have $19,000 lying around to buy a Steven Stills Limited edition Martin, or $6,000 or more for an Olson. For the price, I think my 25th Edition is a pretty darn good guitar.

C. F. Martin Guitars www.cfmartin.com

Some of the best play them. I'd sure like to try out the Steven Stills Limited Edition.

Collings Guitars www.collingsguitars.com

Comes out of Texas.

Fender Guitars www.fender.com

We go way back, my first REAL guitar was a Fender Jaguar. I like some Teles, tho, and wouldn't mind trying out Clapton's own.

RainSong Guitars www.rainsong.com

I only personally know one person who has one, and it's a nice playing/sounding guitar. Pretty, too. Amazing a non-wood guitar can sound so good.

Olson Guitars www.olsonguitars.com

I only know one person who has one of these, too. He said it took him a year and a half to get it (waiting list was that long), and anoter friend told me they start at $6,000. No wonder why I don't have one.

Guitar Repair

Ed Diehl - Fret Crafters Repair

Ed's done some great work on my Taylor and on several Telecasters I was borrowing from a friend. He also did great work on other acoustic and electric guitars for other people I recommended him to. I trust Ed with all my guitars. He's a jazz guitar player in his own right.

Stretching Exercizes

Hand stretching techniques

Coming soon - Here are some hand stretching techniques that can be used as warmups before playing, and also as general practices to strengthen and improve flexibility.

Guitar chords

Money Chords www.moneychords.com

Some neat informations.

Misc guitar related links

Guitar Notes www.guitarnotes.com/index.shtml

Lots of stuff on guitars.

Guitar Noise www.guitarnoise.com

More guitar related stuff.


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