Chris DePalma


To my website. It's taken me several years to get around to doing this re-design work on it, but here it is finally. I've neglected it far too long and also procrastinated getting my first CD done for too many years as well. So ready or not, here I am.

silhouette guitarist

Songwriting is my passion. I started writing songs soon after I got my first guitar when I was around 12 years old. I grew up within walking distance to the Hudson River and would spend many hours sitting by the river playing. There was something magical about spending those hours by the river, watching it flow, tide coming in, tide going out, hearing it talk its talk. Only the bugs would keep me from staying there for longer periods than I did. Trains would rumble by and I'd pause from playing to watch the many different train cars pass, winding their way along the river side and finally disappearing. Tug boats would go up and down the river, sometimes alone, sometimes pulling barges, sometimes pushing them. One light on the tug meant it was alone, 2 lights meant it was pulling, 3 pushing. At least that how I think it went, it's been a few years.

There were quite a few local musicians to play with in the area I grew up in, many learning to play the guitar around the same time as I was learning, so we kinda helped each other learn as we went.

I moved around some, San Francisco, Boston, Nashville, Houston, but finally wound up back near my roots not far from the Hudson River, but now closer to the Catskill Mountains. I fell in love with being near these Catskills with their majestic scenery, amazing trees. I've always thought that mountains are protective as well as majestic.

Now I'm living in the Woodstock area. There is a lot of creative energy in these here parts, musicians, painters, scultors, writers, and other creative types of all kinds. I love it and feel blessed to be here.

so, thanks again for visiting my site. I hope you check out the other pages and some of my music. Maybe I'll see you around some time. I trust you're creating something of your own, whether it's music, arts & crafts, a new invention, a nourishing meal or a happy family. It's in our DNA to be creative in some way or another.